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Moving Out Rock Climbing Course Snowdonia


Course Stats

Course Aims

By the end of a 5 day moving out course you may have lead your first rock climb! You will certainly have seconded a few multi pitch routes, climbed on a few different rock types, learnt how to place natural gear and build anchors. In fact you could probably call yourself a climber!


Course Program

Day 1

Rock climbing movement skills and an introduction to bouldering.

Bottom roping and abseiling on single pitch crags

Day 2

Use of a guidebook.

Setting up top ropes and bottom ropes - belaying from above and below.

Placing gear and setting up anchors

Day 3

Introduction to multi pitch climbing and learn to lead belay

Day 4

More multi pitch climbing or sport climbing outside

Day 5

Lead Climbing if suitable

Length - 5 Days

Course Dates -

For private booking only - you choose the dates

Cost - £180 p/p based on two people on the course.

Max Ratio - 1:2


Previous Experience

Experience of climbing indoors. No outdoor climbing experience required.


Private Course

This course is for private booking only. Visit the private course page to find out more. The cost will depend on how many people in your group.


More Course Information

  Multipitch climbing in Snowdonia

How do I book? Visit the booking page to find out how to book this course.

What's included in the cost? The course fee includes the instruction you receive, 1 entry to a climbing wall and any technical equipment. It does not include accommodation, food or transport costs.

What equipment do I need? I will provide all the ropes, harnesses, hard wear and climbing shoes. You need to bring along suitable clothing and footwear for the outdoors and a packed lunch. I will provide you with a kit list when you book.

What happens if the weather is bad? It not often that I can't seek out a dry spot to go climbing in Snowdonia due to the localised weather pattern here. However if the weather is very bad we might sneak into an indoor wall - where we can cover many useful skills.

Where do we meet? I normally meet at 9.15 at Pete's Eats in Llanberis. We'll have a quick chat about the course then head out to a local crag to do some rock climbing. We normally finish between 4.30 and 5pm


If you have any queries please don't hesitate to email me.

Rory Shaw / 07882756018 / rory@snowdoniamountaineering.com / Site map