Private Courses and guiding with Snowdonia Mountaineering

  Pete and Viki on a private rock climbing course

What is a Private Course?

If you and you partner or friends book on a private course then you will be the only people on the course. This has a few advantages over an open course:

-You learn with people you know and learn to trust them, which is very important.

-You can choose dates that suit you rather than being restricted to advertised dates.

-I can tailor the course to meet your level of experience and give you the specific teaching you need.

-You can mix and match with your course: maybe 1 day rock climbing, 1 day mountain walking and 1 day scrambling. It's your choice.

-Maybe you have a specific route you would like to be guided on.


How does it Work?

Once you have found a course that inspires you or if you have a specific objective in mind then give me an email. Its always good to find out exactly what you are after, what your previous experience is and what your aims are so I can make sure you get the right course. We'll then sort out dates and get you booked on. Visit the bookings page for more information.

For private courses I charge a daily rate which varies depending upon the number of people you are booking on the course. So for 1 instructor the daily rate per person is as follows: 1person - £170, 2people - £90, 3 people - £70, 4 people - £60.

In addition to this is you book 3 consecutive days I will give you 5% discount, 5 consecutive days you get 10% discount.

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