Scrambling courses and guiding in Snowdonia, North Wales.

  Tryfan South Ridge

I run tailored scrambling courses in Snowdonia no matter what your grade or previous experience. With my scrambling courses I aim to improve your scrambling techniques, mountaineering judgments, rope work skills and ultimately inspire you and boost your confidence so you can go it alone. Listed below are examples of courses that I run. With all my clients I ensure that you get the instruction and coaching you need to progress - so feel free to email me and discuss you aspirations and previous experience and I will put together a tailored course for you.

"Just wanted to say thank you for the weekend... it was a real learning curve and you made it fun to boot. Can't wait for the next sessions" from Rob Jones after his scrambling weekend.

Grade 3 Scrambling on Tryfan

Scrambling Courses

Intro to Scrambling

So you fancy making that step up from hill walking - this is the course for you. You will be taken up your first scramble and gain knowledge on route selection and route finding, movement over rock and emergency rope use. This course will give you the knowledge and experience to go out and tackle grade 1 scrambles under your own steam. Course Length: 2 days. Max ratio 1:6


Classic Snowdonia Scrambles

A guided day out where the emphasis is on enjoying classic scrambles. Maybe you have a particular route in mind - Crib Goch or The Parson's Arete - or just want to experience a great day mountaineering. We can suggest routes that will match up with your experience and expectation and give you a day out you will not forget! Max ratio: dependent on route choice.


Walker to Scrambler

On this 5 day course you will learn all the skills you need to progress from a hill walker to a confident grade 1 scrambler. You will take on classic scrambles such as Crib Goch and Bristly Ridge.

Max Ratio 1:6, Course Length: 5 Days


Grade 3 Weekend

This course is designed for those who want a taste of what is involved with grade 2 and 3 scrambles. You will be taken on some challenging scrambling terrain and start to get to grips with the ropework and skills that are needed.


Advanced Scrambling

If you've done some grade 1 scrambling and want to try your hand at something more testing then book on this course! You'll discover what its like to scramble at grade 2 and 3, improve on you movement skills and learn the rope work needed to protect yourself and your partner.

Max ratio 1:2, Length: 5 Days


Become a mountaineer

This course is designed specifically for those who want to become well rounded mountaineers in the UK. It will take you off the beaten track, cover mountain navigation in depth, look at mountain hazards and coping with emergencies, build your confidence on easy scrambles and introduce the use of a rope for harder scrambling.

Max ratio 1:4, Length: 5 days

Scrambling up Crib Goch  

Scrambling in Snowdonia

Snowdonia has some of the most famous and best scrambling in the UK. The mountains are well endowed with sharp rocky ridges and steep cliffs where only the brave may tread! There is something for everyone whether you are venturing on to your first grade 1 or leading a long and committing grade 3.

Most of the scrambles in Snowdonia are confined to the Glyderau and the snowdon range. Probably the most well known and aspired to scramble is Crib Goch (pictured left). It will thrill you with breath taking exposure and amazing views - for some it is a little bit too exciting!

The great thing about scrambling is that it opens up the mountains for you and you can feel the buzz of summiting the hard way!

Scrambling Grades

Grade1: Attainable by confident hill walkers who are prepared to use their hands occasionally!. Route finding skills and confidence moving across steep, exposed rocky ground needed.

Grade 2: Lots of grade 1 ground with steeper steps where a rope may be required and rock climbing skill will be useful.

Grade 3: Needs to be treated like an easy rock climb where rope skills and confident movement on sustained steep rock will be needed. Proper mountaineering!

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